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July 7, 2000:

About a month ago we were exploring the wonders of the Galapagos Islands on a dive boat with Tom's cousins Shawn and Laetitia. In a word, it was magnificent. A few highlights were the school of 100+ hammerhead sharks, the dozens of dolphins jumping in the water around the dinghy, and frolicking with the sea lions. On land, we saw huge, ancient turtles, and the famous marine iguanas. A truly astounding place, and a highly recommended destination.

In early June we returned to the States for a couple of weeks to attend Tom's sister Kira's wedding, visit Louisa's family, and get visas for the second half of our trip. We had a great vacation from our vacation, catching up with family on both sides, and appreciating the good old US of A.

We are off again, this time heading east around the globe. We were just in Norway, and spent 5 days kayaking in the fjords. Words fail to describe the sweeping cliffs and crashing waterfalls that line the glassy green water. We paddled about 25km a day almost completely alone on the fjords, among Nisse whales, harbor seals, and white-tailed eagles. Truly a special place in the world.

We enjoyed wonderful hospitality from Louisa's cousins John and Signe in their charming hometown of Trondheim, so far north it never really gets dark. Another highlight was ice hiking on the Briksdal glacier, roped together and carrying ice axes.

At the moment, we are in Israel, getting our fill of history and religious conflict. This week we'll visit Petra, and do some diving in the Red Sea.

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