Antarctica! 160 pictures
Our 7th continent and climax of the trip

Antarctica - There and Back 59 pictures
Getting to our 7th continent

Europe 25 pictures
A layover week to visit friends and enjoy the civilized comforts

Nepal - Annapurna 118 pictures
A much more well-traveled trek, but still spectacular

Nepal - Manaslu 171 pictures
A wonderful trek, with fabulous scenery, and hardly any Westerners at all

Nepal - Kathmandu 68 pictures
A fascinating city, with great shopping and temples, but dirty and smelly

India - Jodhpur 46 pictures
More temples and countryside of Rajasthan

India - Udaipur and the Devi Garh 51 pictures
A wonderful anniversary celebration at a first class hotel

India - Ranthambore and Jaipur 46 pictures
No tigers, but fun anyway. Jaipur is beautiful, too

India - Agra 41 pictures
The Taj Mahal is even greater than the hype, but Agra is a pit

India - Delhi 27 pictures
We had a bad first impression, but a friend from home helped

Australia - Driving the south 42 pictures
We drove south to Melbourne and Coonawarra and had a great time

Australia - Around Sydney 43 pictures
There is lots to do around Sydney, including hiking, wine tasting, and ballooning

Australia - 2000 Olympics 51 pictures
We absolutely loved the Olympics

Australia - Great Barrier Reef 23 pictures
Awesome diving, and a beautiful coast

Bali, Indonesia 47 pictures
Diving and shopping fun, as long as you stay in the north

Cambodia 116 pictures
Angkor Wat is amazing, and worth the trip

Vietnam - Can Tho and Saigon 54 pictures
A visit to a friend perks our spirits

Vietnam - Central 36 pictures
Some interesting cultural treasures

Vietnam - Ha Long Bay 18 pictures
A beautiful natural area being ruined

Vietnam - Hill Tribes 71 pictures
Our favorite part of Vietnam, the people were friendly

Vietnam - Hanoi 25 pictures
A city in the throes of transition to capitalism is not necessarily a pretty sight

Laos 87 pictures
We enjoyed Laos a lot, it is quite laid back

Bangkok 43 pictures
We blew through a couple of times, seeing different stuff each time

China - Wuhan and Shanghai 28 pictures
A study in contrasting cities

China - Cruising the Yangtze 99 pictures
An interesting look at typical Chinese life

China - Beijing 88 pictures
China's crumbling cultural treasures are few and far between

Egypt - Abu Simbel and Cairo 49 pictures
How many temples can one take in two weeks?

Egypt - Cruising the Nile 65 pictures
The Nile cruise was fun

Egypt - Luxor 67 pictures
Luxor has the most amazing temples and tombs in Egypt

Egypt - Diving and Touring 16 pictures
Red Sea diving is great, but it was hot on land

Jordan - Petra 69 pictures
An absolutely amazing city carved from stone

Israel 33 pictures
Driving around the cradle of modern religion

Norway 56 pictures
Fantastic kayaking and a beautiful country

USA - Home for Kira's wedding 3 pictures
A brief interlude

Ecuador - Quito and surroundings 50 pictures
Lots to do and see near Quito, including shopping

Ecuador - Galapagos Islands 85 pictures
The most fantastic diving in the world, bar none

Ecuador - Amazon Jungle 44 pictures
We know why they call it the rain forest

Peru - Machu Picchu 70 pictures
Machu Picchu is great to see

Peru - Cusco & Sacred Valley 50 pictures
The Sacred Valley was much more amazing than we expected

Bolivia 10 pictures
Tom got sick, so not many Bolivia pictures, although we loved the country

South Africa - Blyde River Canyon 14 pictures
Our final few days we drove to the Canyon area

Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls 67 pictures
The falls were actually too high, but the game park was awesome

South Africa - Cape Town & surroundings 33 pictures
Cape Town is definitely the highlight of South Africa

South Africa - Motorcycle trip 83 pictures
On the pretext of going to a wedding, we motorcycled around South Africa with Louisa's aunt and uncle

Argentina - Around Iguazu 30 pictures
There are a few other things to do in the Iguazu area

Argentina - Iguazu Falls 82 pictures
Hands down the best waterfall on the planet

Argentina - Buenos Aires 11 pictures
Touring the Buenos Aires area

Argentina - Bariloche area 38 pictures
We met up with Louisa's mom in Bariloche for some lake touring

Chile - Lake Region 45 pictures
The lake region of Chile was fun to explore

Chile - Pucon area 24 pictures
We really enjoyed the Pucon area

Argentina - El Calafate & El Chalten 58 pictures
More scenic natural beauty, particularly glaciers

Chile - Torres del Paine 67 pictures
An incredible hike in a fantastic national park

Argentina - Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego 60 pictures
Our time in the southernmost city in the world

Chile - Santiago & Punta Arenas 21 pictures
Heading to the bottom of South America

Rio Dulce, Guatemala & Copan, Honduras 29 pictures
A weekend trip to see the river, coast, and the ruins in Copan

Guatemala - Coban & Semuc Champay 16 pictures
A weekend trip to a beautiful waterfall

Guatemala - Tikal ruins 22 pictures
A weekend trip to Tikal with Sophia

Guatemala - Antigua area 62 pictures
Day trips while in Spanish school in Antigua

Belize 42 pictures
Diving, snorkeling, and general adventuring in Belize, mostly on a trip with Slickrock.


Pictures of Us 1 pictures
Proof that we were actually in the places we describe

Our Favorites 30 pictures

Pictures we printed 397 pictures
We picked out some of our favorite pictures from the trip.

Transportation 36 pictures
At some point we thought it would be neat to capture all the modes of transport we took throughout the year. Here are most of them.

A Day In Our Life 11 pictures
We took a picture approximately every hour during an errand day in Bangkok. We really liked this idea - it helps to capture what our days can really be like. Whenever Louisa's watch beeped the hour, we took a pic.

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