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These are the questions we get asked over and over.  If your question isn't here, feel free to contact us, although we don't promise to get back to you right away.

Table of Contents

  1. Why are you guys doing this?
  2. Who are you two, anyway?
  3. How do you pack for a year?
  4. What electronic stuff did you take?
  5. How's this site work?
  6. What happened to your wedding site?
  7. My question's not answered!  Can I email you?

Why are you guys doing this?

A bunch of reasons:  2000 seems like a good year to do something different.  We both love to travel.  Also, we recently got married, and want to do something adventuresome before settling down with family responsibilities. 

We sorta took a look at the list of things we wanted to do before we die, and realized that a bunch of them will be impossible once we start a family or when we're old enough to be without significant childcare responsibilities.  So, we figured out that it would take at least a year to visit a significant percentage of the places on our list.

And because we made it a priority.

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Who are you two, anyway?

We're newlyweds who have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years.  We're both originally from the eastern half of the US, Tom from the Boston area, and Louisa from Columbus, Ohio.  We are both professionals who have put our careers on hold for a year while we take our dream trip around the world.

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How do you pack for a year?

Very carefully, with maximum consideration for weight.  Almost every single things we're bringing has more than one use.  We've got one backpack/wheelie and a small carryon each.  Check out our complete packing list.

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What electronic stuff did you take?

We have a Psion 5mx for journals, email, and internet access.  This computer has amazing features for its size, but has significant shortcomings as well.  More details later.

We also have a Kodak DC290 digital camera for pictures, and a Clik drive for picture backup.  We fill one 32mb flash card with pictures, then copy it to a Clik drive and mail the Clik disk home.

Finally, we have a Magellan GPS 315 so we always know where we are.

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How's this site work?

This site is currently running on a Linux server co-located with meer.net.  We update it with a set of custom Perl scripts that accept web, email, or FTP submissions.  If we get some interest, we could make the scripts suitable for general release.

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What happened to your wedding site?

It's a little dated, but you can find it right here.

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