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The best gift that you can give us is your presence at our wedding.  We want to share this happy occasion with you, our closest family and friends.  However, some of you have requested more information, so here it is.

Gump's.  Our funky and colorful every day place settings along with some other items are at Gump's, the unique store in San Francisco's Union Square district.  If you are not near San Francisco, check out Gump's on line through Della James or call their friendly staff at 1-800-444-0450. Unfortunately, their catalog is not connected to their store offerings.

REI - On-line ordering through REI is available but does not provide access to registries.  A store visit or phone call (1-800-426-4840) will work best to make sure the registry is updated.  If you're not already a member of REI, you can enter Tom's member number, 2644325-S, when you purchase.

Crate & Barrel - Has many terrific offerings at their stores across the nation.  View our registry and purchase on line or call 1-800-717-1112.

Marshall Fields - For those in the mid-west, we duplicated and enlarged our registry at Macy's.  Marshall Field 's staff has been incredibly helpful and are also available by calling 1-800-2-I-do-I-do.

Macy's/Lazarus - Have stores nationwide for a visit, call 1-800-701-7112 (for all items) or use their on-line registry, which has a somewhat limited selection.