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We are thrilled to have family and friends stand with us and participate in our wedding ceremony.   Our family and friends bring numerous stories and memories to our lives.  We hope that you will enjoy meeting each other during the wedding weekend.  Here are a few stories to start off the fun.  Let us introduce you to our bridesmaids and groomsmen by sharing a memory or two that accompanies her/him. 

Marcia Hunt, Maid of Honor

Marcia and I met on the first day of orientation for business school, and it has been friendship ever since.   Marcia energizes the very air around her!   When combined with her amazing creativity, the possibilities are endless.   During our two years together at Business School, we explored Chicago, thrived during a summer at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, survived two trips to New Orlean's Jazz Festival, and a spring break to Key West.  Along with the other women of 2521 (Robbie Lambrix and Marianne Llewellyn), we have had many laughs and enjoyed stepping over the line whether in Chicago, New Orleans, Key West or San Francisco.  You will be sure to adore Marcia with her out-going, friendly personality. 

Seth Bartlett, Best Man, Tom's brother

Seth is my younger brother, and whatever sport we play, I want him on my team.  Actually, no matter what we do, I want him on my team, but that's beside the point.  He's always been a great athlete, with a will to win, and the drive to do whatever it takes.  Unsurprisingly, these characteristics have made him quite successful in business, as well.  One of my favorite memories is how we used to turn the AC on "arctic" and close the blinds whenever we shared a room on our family vacations - our sisters would call it the "bat cave."  I was privileged to be his best man last year when he married his beautiful wife, Wrenn, and I am even more privileged that he will stand as my best man for my wedding.

Kyra Bartlett, sister of Tom's

Kyra is the youngest in our family, as well as the most artistically talented.  She can do amazing things with pottery.  Her "family wedding calendar" was instrumental in the timing of my proposal to Louisa, and she went so far as to drag me into Tiffany's when she came out to visit SF for a weekend.  She's now living in the West Village in NYC, just up the block from her close friend, Gwyneth Paltrow.  I am delighted that she will be standing in attendance at the wedding.

Maggie Curtiss, friend of Louisa's

Or better known as MAGGIE! Maggie entered my life in Newark Airport as we were about to head off for our Junior Fall Semester in London. By great fortune, we were randomly assigned adjacent seats on the long flight across the big pond. Sleep evaded us and by the end of the journey our friendship had begun. In combination with our exploration of Great Britain, we both lived in New York city after college, where I frequently crashed in Maggie’s apartment in order to wake up for bagels and coffee in the morning. We moved to San Francisco on the same day in August, 1997. We had two fantastic years in San Francisco, as interim roommates, and then living just a few blocks apart. Yes, Maggie shared the early days of meeting Tom. In June Maggie returned to her home port of Boston to finish her Masters in Education and continue teaching elementary school. You’ll recognize Maggie by her petite form and her frequent squeals of laughter.

Megan Kelleher, friend of Louisa's

It is hard to know where to begin with Megan! She has been around for what seems to be all of my life. I recall first meeting Megan on her first day at CSG in Seventh grade (oh the haircuts we had then!). Friendship quickly followed…and many great events. Something about Columbus encouraged us to be creative with our time; this usually resulted in driving adventures around the city. Returning to Columbus during college meant seeing Megan, if possible on campus at Dennison. (She sure made my Dad proud by dating a Dennison Beta!) More fun was shared during Megan’s graduate studies at Wake Forest in North Carolina, oh that Southern Hospitality! Currently, Megan is in New York city earning her Ph.D. (you’re almost there Megan!) and enjoying the excitement that only the Big Apple can provide.

Beth Offenberg Sauer, cousin of Louisa's

Beth truly has been around for all of my life.  She and I are the only two Tice (maternal families) women in our generation.  I just had the fortune of standing as part of her wedding  as she married John on August 7.  That was a monumental day considering all of the times that we have shared on the beaches of Good Hart, the school days at Columbus School for Girls, and numerous family holidays.  Beth is noticeable by her energy which will keep her flying around during the festivities, and fill the room with her frequent laughter.

Kira Shields, sister of Tom's

Kira is the rock star of the family, so you should ask to buy her album, especially if you like alternative rock.  An essentially self-taught musician, she writes all her own music - she's especially good with lyrics.  She's been amazingly good at everything she's ever tried, from running the hurdles in college to recently learning calligraphy.  Kira has always been a source of good advice for me, in part because she listens well, so I've always talked over life's big decisions with her.  And she loves to have fun - look for her and Kyra B. to take over the dance floor with a tongue-in-cheek choreographed dance.

David Carney, Tom's college roommate

David is the one who introduced me to Louisa!  We met before freshman year at Harvard, during ROTC basic training.  We became best friends throughout our college years, ultimately becoming roommates senior year.  Along the way we had many adventures, from driving 24 hours nonstop to Florida, to attending Easter Sunday Mass at the Vatican.  He and Louisa work together at Deloitte Consulting, and met during Louisa's first week sailing on the bay.  They enjoyed it so much they decided to take the skipper's course, and became great friends while spending many hours together on a sailboat.  David finally got tired of us both complaining about our love lives, and threw a brunch so we could meet.  The rest is history.  Now he wants us to name our firstborn after him, but we settled for having him in the wedding.  Thanks, David!

Shawn Henry, Tom's first cousin

Shawn and I have always lived relatively close by, so we spent a lot of time together while growing up.  Shared interests have also kept us close - we had a great time hiking the Narrows in Zion Nat'l Park last year.  He loves to scuba dive, bordering on the insane - he dives year-round in the Boston area.  He's also very creative with his backyard grill and smoker.  Somehow he manages to cram more things into a day than anyone else I know.  I was proud to be in his wedding, and very glad that he's in mine.

Joe Shields, Tom's first cousin

Joe is has a, well, different sense of humor.  If you ever saw the Frog in the Blender animation, you know what I mean.  Check out his web site for more of his sick humor.  He lived with us in Beverly Farms for while during art school, and was generous in letting me borrow his Bronco when I needed wheels.  He was a competitive swimmer in college, and is still pretty buff - or so he says.  He has a terrific family with 3 kids.  He's the man, and I'm glad he's in my wedding.

Alvin Wen, Tom's life long friend

Alvin and I met freshman year at Andover, in Mr. Apgar's freshman physics class at 8am.  We became good friends during our 4 years there together, and got even closer when we both went to Harvard.  Due to diligent recruiting efforts on my part, we've even worked together in 3 different companies.  Because we've known each other so long, and been through so much, I think he knows me better than I know myself.  He also makes an awesome paella in the biggest paella pan I've ever seen.  There was no doubt that he'd be in the wedding.

Harris Wood, Louisa's brother

It is hard to know where to begin when asked to summarize your connection with your sole sibling.  We laughed through summers in Good Hart building sand castles and sailing sunfishes.  The two of us carved out our own interests growing up (Harris turned to computers and science fiction books), which make us seem quite different initially.  I guess we are, but bottom line, he is my big brother who I adore!  Now, in adulthood, we seek out each other's opinions frequently and enjoy helping each other through life's decisions.  It would be great to live near each other, but I can't quite get him to California, something about his terrific house in German Village and a great job.   We've been through everything together so far, I am thrilled that he will be a part of Tom's and my wedding ceremony.